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CYE Annual Meeting

CYE (Coeliac Youth of Europe) is an umbrella organization of European coeliac youth groups. It works within the AOECS. CYE representatives from all over Europe meet annually at the same time as the AOECS. The CYE Meeting begins on the 10th September, packages available include accommodation from the 9th September. CYE is an international forum for raising awareness, exchanging knowledge and working together for a better future! (more…)


About Malahide

Malahide (Irish: Mullach Íde) is a coastal suburban town near Dublin city. In Malahide village there are extensive retail facilities and services including fashion boutiques, hair and beauty salons, florists, food outlets, and a small shopping centre. (more…)



AOECS stands for Association of European Coeliac Societies and it is an independent, non-profit umbrella of 35 coeliac associations in Europe. The AOECS Board of Directors consist of five elected representatives who operate on voluntary basis and are supported by one part-time staff member. The legal seat is situated in Brussels, Belgium. AOECS acts inside Europe, although it may have cooperation with Coeliac Societies outside Europe.


Malahide Harbour AOECS

General Assembly 2015

Welcome to the 2015 General Assembly! We at the Coeliac Society of Ireland encourage our members from across Europe to join us from the 10th – 13th September in The Grand Hotel Malahide for the 2015 AOECS. We have a packed schedule planned starting on Wednesday 9th September with most of the CYE delegates arriving, our welcome reception on the 10th September will give you the opportunity to meet old and new friends and have a little Irish Craic!  We have a full program for Friday 11th September Check out our program schedule, Saturday is the main business of AOECS and Saturday night brings the series business of getting your dancing shoes on! We hope you enjoy what we have planned,  enjoying an Irish experience, visiting a medieval castle, learning to play Irish music to dancing an Irish jig, as well as sharing information with your European colleagues.  AOECS2015 in Malahide, Co. Dublin will be very memorable and enjoyable experience.